Odell Beckham accepts he “probably” won’t have huge numbers this season

Odell Beckham accepts he “probably” won’t have huge numbers this season

gh, is not complaining. He said the Michael Jordan documentary that he watched during quarantine helped him develop a new mindset.

“Having a game within a game, working on a release during a run game or working something else, a new goal — aside from winning always,” Beckham said. “Nick Chubb needs to be the No. 1 rusher in the league or Kareem, too. You have two legitimate No. 1 backs in the backfield, and our team is very, very, very good at running the football, so you have to play to your strengths. Then I think you learn where you fit in and where you’re able to make your plays and how you can help the team.”

The Browns didn’t trade for Beckham to turn him into a blocker, which is why there is so much speculation about his future in Cleveland. But for now, Beckham insists he’s fine with whatever the Browns ask of him.

That likely means more blocking as the Browns rank 28th in passing with 193.5 yards a game and second in rushing at 176.5.

“I think a lot of my growth came in acceptance, acceptance of life and acceptance of things and just knowing that’s what it’s going to be and finding a way to create that block that springs (Chubb) or whatever it is to help us win,” Beckham said.