Property tech start-up OneDome raises £5m to expand

Property tech start-up OneDome raises £5m to expand

A London-based property-tech firm has raised £5 million to expand from a series of investors, including Reuben Brothers Capital.

Start-up OneDome, which has a website that helps home buyers search for property, get a mortgage and organise all legal matters, said it has secured investment from a number of backers.

It said investors include Lord Jacob Rothschild and family, Reuben Brothers Capital and Winslow Capital founder Clark Winslow, alongside a number of other backers.

The current funding round will help develop and optimise the OneDome platform across several areas. This includes further product development to enable faster transactions.

The funding will also be used to invest in more marketing and staff.

Babek Ismayil, founder of OneDome said: “The home buying process has had little impact from technology and innovation, which has transformed our experiences in other areas of our life from shopping to food ordering. While home buying is naturally a more complex process, it can still be dramatically improved and optimised.”

Ismayil added: “Our e-homebuying platform will make homebuying a simpler and more streamlined process for all parties involved, saving money and time.”